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Welcome to the miserable world of BindTortureKast, a podcast that elevates horror as the art that it is.  Thanks for dropping by and be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Google Play, and most other places you listen to podcasts.  If you feel so inclined, do leave us a review wherever you like. We look forward to many more episodes and hope you will be along for the ride!

Nov 15, 2017

Oh my god.  Another one of these.  I still find it hard to believe we are still doing these fucking things, but here it is, for better or for worse: Luke, Steve and my picks for the worst, most disappointing, and best horror of 2017!  It was a helluva year for horror, so rather than listen to every OTHER podcast go on about THEIR favorite films, listen to us instead.  We are better.  Not really, and realistically, you can listen to more than one.  That just makes you a cheating, lying whore.  But we kind of like you anyway.


This Episode (in order of appearance);

“Hold Your Children Close And Pray For Oblivion”-Anaal Nathrakh

“Dawn Of Release”-Amiensus

“Smash And Grab”-Surgical Meth Machine