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Welcome to the miserable world of BindTortureKast, a podcast that elevates horror as the art that it is.  Thanks for dropping by and be sure to subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Google Play, and most other places you listen to podcasts.  If you feel so inclined, do leave us a review wherever you like. We look forward to many more episodes and hope you will be along for the ride!

Nov 15, 2017

Hey everyone, and welcome to the 200th episode of BTK.  For our only Blackfuckingchristmass film of December, we are checking out the recent Australian flick, "Red Christmas".  I have been looking forward to this one for so damn long, and those magnificent bastards at Artsploitation have finally helped to get it in front of my gelatinous little oculars.  Hopefully everyone liked it as much as I did, but if not, well, fuck 'em.  Steve and Luke get what they get.  And, ooh yeah, they get it good.


Music On This Episode (in order of appearance);

“Abisme”-Blut aus Nord

“The Good Old Call”-Carpenter Brut

“T’was The Night Before Jesus”-Aqua Teen Hunger Force